About us

Hikmen is a pre-eminent Pakistani food commodities processing, pack...

Hikmen is a pre-eminent Pakistani food commodities processing, packaging, and exporting company seving the global markets. Our unique approach towards clients, incorporating extremely responsive and cost effective methods, stands us apart from our competitors. Hikmen is not a broker, or a trader, or a commission agent.

HiKMEN is organized into distinct Procurement, Processing, Quality Assurance, Research & Analysis and Export divisions. HiKMEN was formed by highly qualified and experienced entrepreneurs with the vision to export finest quality Pakistani commodities to the global market. The HiKMEN team endeavors to understand the key elements of its client’s requirements and thus serve their ever-changing needs. HiKMEN is strategically positioned in Lahore (Punjab), Pakistan, surrounded by vast tracks of unique soil which produces world best Basmati Rice and Fresh Produce.

Although HiKMEN was formed in 2000, the history of food producing and processing goes back six centuries when the founders’ ancestors settled in the Punjab region and harvested thousands of acres of fertile soil. In 1936 GTM Corporation was formed (a heavy mechanical manufacturing company), thus dramatically mechanizing farming in South Asia through innovative and modern techniques. Our 15,000 acres farm at Isakhel Estate referred to as “The Demonstration farm of Pakistan”, and for over three decades after 1947 was amongst the top five farms in Asia incorporating state-of-the-art facilities and research tasters. It is this experience of the centuries, which HiKMEN has now undertaken to move ahead to serve its international clients increasing demands for excellence in quality, hygiene and above all prompt trading solutions.

HiKMEN was conceived by Hiz Khan and Mian Ehsan after merging their expertise and exposure to commodities trade. Our other Associates are experts in their respective fields within the company.